CAL Breast Enhancement Now in Thailand

Are you looking for a “Non-Surgical” & “No-Implant” or “Natural” Breast Enlargement? Thai Medical has the solution you are looking for. Cell Assisted Lipotransfer Or CAL are also known as the Stem Cell Breast Augmentation. Stemcell breast enlargement and Autologous Fat Grafting are very basic in nature. The treatment works its wonders by simply using your own enriched “Adipose” stem cells and tummy fat to create breast volume permanently!  CAL Breast enlargement is most sophisticated modern technique ever created for creating natural breast tissue volume and shape.

Stem Cell Breast Enlargement Video

The breasts are a big part of any woman’s body and self-image. Any chest defects or disfigurements can be a devastating experience for any woman. That is precisely why CAL” or Cell Assisted Lipotransfer was originally invented.  

History of “CAL”  Cell Assisted Lipotransfer

The Cell Assisted Breast Augmentation technique was discovered in early 2006 by a Japanese Doctor named Kotaro Yoshimaru. The technique was developed and perfected as a result of Dr Kotaro and his clinical trials for survivors of women who were recovering from the horror of breast cancer via a single or double mastectomies  (removal of breast tissue) that stopped the underlying breast cancer from spreading. If a woman’s self image and self-esteem could be simply restored through replacing what cancer took away prematurely, then it was science’s duty to help them in any way possible. Today, assisted fat grafting is used for both medical and cosmetic reasons to augment the breasts in a safe and natural way.


Autologous Breast Augmentation

The revolutionary new CAL breast enlargement is now available exclusively in Bangkok for women looking for a non-surgical breast enhancement. CAL Breast is not available in Phuket and requires a minimum 1 week.

We are please to offer the ONLY Genuine Stem Cell Enriched Fat Grafting Protocol in Thailand. The technique uses your very own (autologous) stem cell rich bodyfat. CAL is performed on an outpatient basis and takes between 3 and 6 hours from prep to discharge with only minimal aftercare required afterwards. The treatment can be done via local anesthesia but general is often used when doing multiple areas. Your bodies curves and silhouettes will be optimized without any synthetic materials such as saline or silicone in a simple 3-step process.


Stemcell Enriched Fat Grafting Surgery Overview

Step 1: Mini-Liposuction– The fat and stem cells are first gently removed from the abdomen or thigh areas only using a proprietary method licensed from Dr Yoshimura in Japan. (The inventor of CAL). Our technique uses a very precision based manual technique that require NO mechanical lipo devices such as vaser or Smart Lipo. The fat can be successfully and safely be removed using genuine micro-cannulas to avoid damaging or destroying the stem cells that occurs when using  Vaser or  other smart laser liposuction ( smart lipo costs) methods.

Step 2: Stem Cell Enrichment & Processing-The carefully extracted adipose “fat” tissue and stem cells are then separated in a dedicated multi-million dollar closed-system stem cell lab in Bangkok. Unlike stem cell breast treatments in the US or Europe that do not expand/grow stem cells the treatment protocol our doctors in Bangkok use calls for proper expansion/growth of your stem cells in the lab before treatment to allow for the highest possible retention rates for the best overall results .

Step 3: Implantation into The Breasts– The enriched stem cells are reintroduced strategically back into the breasts from multiple areas. The

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