Stem Cell Fat Grafting vs Fat Injections vs Hyaluronic Sub-Q


Transplanted stem cells and fat combination used in Thailand is able to deliver more sustainable results when they are combined with CD34+ and Progenitor cells. These powerful stem cells inside your body help recruit new cells to become fat cells that grow into a much larger and natural breast tissue.

****Please Note That Not Everyone is an Ideal Candidate for Stem Cell Breast Augmentation. Women with a Low BMI and Body Fat in The Abdomen and Thigh Areas May be Not Qualify and Refused Treatment. Please Contact Us Before Your Planned Trip Thailand To Avoid Any Unexpected Treatment Delays or Refusals.

CAL Cell Assisted Lipotransfer Pre-Qualification – BMI CALCULATOR

CAL Breast Enhancement Risks:

The stemcell breast augmentation surgery is a very safe and minimally-invasive solution for women looking to increase their bust sizes naturally. Unfortunately not everyone qualifies for CAL and Stem cell breast enlargement surgery. Women with not enough body fat or Low BMI in the right areas do not qualify for this treatment. Our surgeons can modify the stem cell protocol depending on you patient and your unique needs. These custom modifications allow for our doctors to achieve dramatic improvements in the overall results and prices using stem cells and body fat for permanent breast increase, but this treatment is just not effective if you do not have enough body fat in the abdomen or thigh areas where the majority of useful stem cells reside.

  • I am a nurse in Taiwan and looked at this stem cell procedure in detail. My results have been amazing. It looks at feels 100% natural and my husband absolutely loves it. I highly recommend it.– Sherryn T, Taiwan, China

  • Ive came across other doctors who claim they are doing similar procedures, but no one has shown the knowledge of the science like Thai Medical Vacation. Its been 10 days since my Mini-Cal and my results are pretty dramatic.–Michelle N, Singapore

  • I just wanted to find a natural way to feel good about my cup size. CAL was just what I was looking for! Jamie at Thai Medical helped me find a permanent solution without leaving any scars.–Alexsandra S, Mardrid, Spain

  • I had the Full CAL procedure about 4 months ago because I just didn’t want implants that would require a surgical procedure. The results have been amazing. My breasts feel so natural. I quite happy with my trip to Thailand.–Lorraine, Miami, FL, USA

  • angiesmomI have always been small chested, barely filling a B cup and often thought about “one day”, getting a breast job. Since i’ve been breastfeeding my three kids, I basically had nothing left..I felt incomplete for about 13 years now and dreamed that one day, this time will come. 290cc’s later my day came.. Thai Medical Vacation made the entire process easy.–AngiesMom, Kissimmee, Florida

CAL in Thailand – Before & After Pictures

The final results of having GENUINE CAL fat engrafting in Thailand are simply fantastic.  Your newly enlarged breasts will feel and look 100% natural in any position or posture. Unlike breast enlargement with saline or silicone, CAL Stem Cell Breast gains in size and volume are not unnatural or artificial but natural thanks to your own stem cells,unwanted body fat and breast tissue.


Autografting Fat to Increase Profile & Lift

Correction of Silicone Implants using CAL


Stem Cell Breast Augmentation Cost

Please note lean people (low BMI) may not qualify. To pre-qualify please contact us via our contact form below. The price of Stem Cell breast will also depending on the needs implant removal along with the total breast size/volume desired. Thai Medical offers 2 types of enhancements including:

  1. MINI Cell Assisted Lipotransfer Enhancement – For women with low BMI / Bodyfat
  2. FULL Cell Assisted Lipotransfer Enhancement – For Larger Cup Size Needs

Some patients also have the ability to combined CAL Breast with CAL Stem Cell Facelift at a more attractive price. The total costs provided will include all your medical related expenses including the surgery fees,doctor fees, anesthesia fees and any operating room or hospital fees. The procedure does not require overnight stay unless you decide on multiple treatments  in which case overnight stay will be provided. Don’t forget to also visit our Cosmetic Stem Cell FAQ section for regularly asked questions about the 100% Natural Stem Cell Breast Enlargement in Thailand.

“Your Journey of a Thousand Miles Starts with A Single Step”

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