Obesity Epidemic

Heart disease is currently the top killer of people in the world. Each year, billions of Thai Baht are spent each year on heart disease treatments, drugs and medical devices to try to treat the deadly disease. In Canada,United States and Australia, there have been large advances in science to help reduce the rate of high blood pressure in females and men.


BMI or body mass index is the key measure for obesity. As the BMI numbers get larger so does the associated risks of diabetes,heart disease, cancers and osteoarthritis. Weightloss surgeries and Obesity/Weight related diseases are responsible for about 12 percent all medical spending around the world. In Europe, it is now estimated that nearly 52% of all adults are clinically overweight or obese based on their BMI’s.

Total blood cholesterol did however fall slightly in Australia, Canada,New Zealand,Europe and North America but strangely increased drastically in  Southeast Asia along with the entire Pacific region. For eastern Europe and West Africa, Blood pressure levels were amongst the highest in the world.

The international tsunami of cardiovascular related heart disease is upon us even in Thailand. The kingdom hopes to tackle the issue before its too late though educational training and population-wide media campaigns to cut the overall intake of salts,bad fats coupled with an increase in the total levels of exercise.

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